Skin care

I have a tendency to go on about skin care for longer than I should, so I’m going to try to keep this as simple as I can. A lot of women think that using foundation, concealer, correcter or whatever else to cover up their flaws is about all they need to give the appearance of having ‘perfect skin’ but boy are they wrong!! If anything, covering up your flaws with layers of makeup will probably do more damage than good! So rather than trying to cover up the problem, it would probably be useful to look for the underlying causes to your imperfections and then investing into a suitable skin care product that complements your skin type. I’ve never understood why so many people fail to see that a  good skin care regime plays a huge role in achieving that ‘healthy glow’ that a lot of women strive for, it’s not all about what you put on top, its about taking care of whats underneath and then accentuating that!


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