A wise man once told me that a blog was simply a digital magazine, and that the only difference between a website and a blog was that one is a selling window while the other one isn’t! Whether I agree with this or not, is a different story entirely, but what I would like to share with you one of the main things I am known for in my carefully chosen circle of friends: ‘appearance is everything!’  Yup! I said it! I am a strong believer that the way you present yourself to others plays a key role in how much respect a person would have towards you. ‘Always keep the front door painted’ is another one, but what I will add to this, is that I don’t mean every woman should cake themselves with makeup before leaving the house, if anything, that’s the LAST thing you’d want to do in the broad daylight! What I mean is, take care of yourself, consume the right foods, strive for healthy skin and nails, and lastly, intensify your qualities by using products that will do so because as Coco Chanel once said ‘there are no ugly girls, just lazy ones’ take this advice ladies, own what you have, recognize your qualities and most of all, ENHANCE  WHAT’S YOURS!


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